1980 GMC K/25 Restoration

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Well, I decided to remove the fenders today. First I had to get the hood off. I had no helper. I used some ropes, and my electric garage door opener track to get the hood off myself. Don't try this at home. Get a helper. It is safer, and easier, believe me.

Let me start by saying that the fenders are almost rotted beyond recognition. All the bolts holding the inner fenders to the fenders are gone. So I am removing them in the order I would if I wanted to remove the fenders and inner fenders as a unit. (That is how I will install the new ones. Bolted together, then bolted onto the truck.)

With the battery removed, you can see three of the fender bolts in the pic. There is another one at the bottom here that is not visible in this pic. You can use a 6 point 1/2" socket, or a 1/2" wrench to remove them. After you remove them, install one of them a few turns, to help hold the fender on the truck while you remove the other bolts.

There is another bolt on top, near the lower corner of the windshield. You can see the hood hinge in the pic. Use a 9/16" 6 point socket, or a 9/16" wrench to remove it. There may be some shims under this bolt. Make a note of how many, as you might need to use them to align the new fender properly. Also, after you remove this bolt, put it back in a few turns to hold the fender on the truck. This will help prevent it from falling off the truck while you remove the other bolts.

The last "top" bolt is inside the door jamb.

Then GM starts hiding bolts..... there are two above the headlight. Remove the headlight bezel, and look up in the corner....

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