1980 GMC K/25 Restoration

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In this picture you can see that all the lower bolts are gone, as well as the bottom edge of the radiator support, and the bottom edge of the inner fender. If the inner fender and radiator support were intact, there would be 3 more bolts here to remove. You are looking at the grey concrete floor between the inner fender and radiator support.

There is another bolt behind the marker light. Remove the light, and the bolt.

Here you can see how badly my battery tray was rusted.

1980 GMC K/25 battery tray

Here are the two 9/16" head bolts that attach the inner fender (wheel well) to the cab. The 1/2" head bolts used to attach the inner fender to the fender. That portion of the fender rotted away.

1980 GMC K/25 wheel well

This picture is from the driver's side. There are two bolts in the wheel well that are usually VERY difficult to get out. Both are 9/16" heads. Use a 6 point socket to remove them. This one I could not get. The inner fender (Wheel Well) was rusted bad enough that I could tear the metal around the bolt. Now that I can get to it, I can use other ways to remove the bolt. The bolt attaches the wheel well to the cab floor support channel. The second bolt in the wheel well is completely rusted away in this pic. I will have to weld a new tab onto the cab.

More pics and progress coming soon. I have the pics, just no time to work on the site now.

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