Chevrolet And GMC 1977 And 1980 C and K Model Fuse Blocks

(The numbers, eg; "UF2" Cargo Area Lamp, are RPO numbers.)

[77 Fuse Box]

  • A - Fuse - Traffic Hazard

  • B - Fuse - Tail, Stop Courtesy Lamps

  • C - Receptacle - TP2 /M40

  • D - Fuse - Radio & TCS

  • F - Receptacle - C91/UF2 (Cargo Area Lamp)/U35/U37

  • G - Fuse - Heater / Air Cond.

  • H - Receptacle - C62

  • I - Fuse - Accessory

  • J - Fuse - Panel Lights
  • K - Receptacle - NL2/A33/U16 (Tachometer)

  • M - Receptacle - Accessory Lamps

  • N - Not Used

  • O - Fuse - Reversing Lamps

  • P - Fuse - Instrument Cluster Feed

  • 1980 


  • A - Choke
  • B - Fuse - Heater / Air Cond.
  • C - Receptacle - Accessory
  • D - Receptacle - Ignition ( key on power)
  • E - Fuse - Auxillary Heater / AC
  • F - Fuse - Instrument Cluster Feed (gauges)
  • H - Fuse - Tail Lights, Courtesy Lamps
  • I - Fuse - Wipers
  • J - Fuse - Horn
  • K - Receptacle - Power Accessories & other Accessories
  • L - Receptacle - Battery (constant power)
  • N - Not Used P - Fuse - Turn Signals, Reversing Lamps
  • R - Fuse - Fuse - Radio & TCS (Idle)
  • X - Receptacle - LOS
  • Z -Fuse - Stop (brake) Lights, Traffic Hazard Flashers
  • Fuse amperages can be found on my Lamp, Fuse, and Bulb Data Page.

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