[Headlight wiring diagram - schematic]

This is a typical 1973 - 1987 headlight wiring schematic. Colors may or may not vary from year to year. One of the harnesses I have, had the sockets replaced at one time. The wires coming out of the sockets of the turn signals below the headlights are the same on both sides. Each has a yellow, a dark brown, and a black. Peeling off some tape, revealed which colors they were spliced into. I have a 1977, 1979, and a 1980 harness. All three had the same seven wire colors shown in my diagram. Missing in the diagram is the brown wire that feeds the left front marker lamp. It connects the same as the right side marker lamp brown wire (to the left front marker light).


[Tail light wiring diagram - schematic]


Above is a typical wiring schematic / diagram for 1973 - 1987 Chevrolet Truck Tail Lights. Although the exact colors may vary during these model years, the connections are the same.


Wiring For Restorations

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