1980 GMC K/25 Pickup Bed Replacement

This is my 1980 GMC plow truck. The bed was beyond shot. The cross members on the underside were rotted away around every frame mounting point. The bed moved up and down 3" at each rear corner! These were taken in July of 1996. Once again, this job was done working alone in my yard and driveway. I picked up a used bed in mint condition off an 1987 2wd truck for $200!

Here the bed is off, and the frame was gone over once with a coarse wire wheel on a drill. It was so bad, I had to use a hammer and chisel to get the scale off in some places!



Here's the new bed. I painted the underside with Marine paint. The kind that contains 30% Copper. I figured if it's good for steel boats in salt water, it's good for my bed too. The front of the box is in the 'bottom' part of the pic.

[GMC 4]

Here is the old bed. The tailgate end is in the 'bottom' part of the pic. You can see the way the supports rotted out right where they sit on the frame.

Bed Replacement
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