Rust Repair 1985 Ford F-250

This was my buddy Jeff's 1985 Ford F - 250. He put a C 6 trans, and a Dana 60 axle in the front and rear out of an older Ford. I'm a Chevy man yes, but money is green. He paid me to fix his rig. He also has a Harley, totally chromed out. Very nice. The only reason these pics are here is because he's my friend, and I worked on it. Once again, this job was done working alone in my driveway. My neighbors think I'm nuts when I light up 1/2 the block MIG welding at night. ;)

Before [Driver's Side Floor - Before]

After replacing most of rotted metal.

[Driver's Side Floor - After]

Other side now........

[Passenger Side Floor - Before]


[Passenger Side Floor - After]

[1985 Ford F - 250]

Jeff got the repair panels from
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