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Ok, so here's the start of a 73 - 87 Chevy / GMC Part # page. It was going to be all GM Part #'s originally. I think a few other part #'s will be handy too. Especially when some are OEM parts manufacturers, that made them for GM vehicles. The prices listed are for the given dates. They are merely to give us an idea of how much various parts cost. Also to aid us in finding parts, since having a GM part # always helps when calling your local Parts Dept. , or browsing at a local swap meet. Got a number you can add? Mail me then!
I might add, I carry a list in both of my trucks. On a 3" x 5" card I then laminated. All my U joint parts #'s, for a few different brands, radiator hoses, belts, filters, plugs, and other often needed numbers. It's easier to call a shop on a Sunday, and give them a brand and part # to search their inventory with. We all know how often there is more than one part # that it *might also be* after we give them the vehicle information. Having the list helped me locate a new front axle U joint once on a Sunday, away from home. If you save all your receipts for parts like most of us do, making a list is pretty easy. Just print neatly in ink on the 3" x 5" card. You can buy laminating kits next to the gumball machines at most supermarkets. Then keep the card in your glove box.

eneral Motors
Part# Description List Price Cost / Date
327069 Lock Asm
(Drivers Door Lock Assembly, not the Lock Cylinder)
$53.00 $39.75 5 / 93
15571643 Door Weld
(Drivers Door)
$143.74$107.27 10 /92
3893116 Gas
(Fuel Tank Sending Unit O Ring)
$.97 $.87
11 / 92
460308 Bolt
(Small Block 6" long Motor mount Bolt)
$2.50 $2.25
7/ 92
5651702 Filter
(Filter "Sock" that goes on Fuel Pickup in Fuel Tank)
7 / 92

Drivetrain Stuff, Specific

Spicer U Joints
(GM installed Spicers when building
C & K models at the factory)
I like Spicer U joints. I installed a set on my rear driveshaft, on my 77 K/20. The truck has had 35" tires for more than 20,000 miles, and the joints are showing no signs of wear. It took 20,000 miles to wear out the front driveshaft U joint, at the differential end. It too, is a Spicer. Surprisingly, Spicer was cheaper than other brands. By nearly 1/2! I have other brands of U joints in my GMC K/25. They fail much more often. There are 10 Auto Parts stores near me, much closer than the one that sells Spicer. Guess I'll have to make the trip!

- Rear Driveshaft, 1977 K/20 LWB, TH 350, NP 203

- Rear Driveshaft, 1977 K/20 LWB, TH 350, NP 203

- Front Driveshaft, 1977 K/20 LWB, TH 350, NP 203

- Front Driveshaft, Constant Velocity Joint ( 2 U Joints) 1977 K/20 LWB, TH 350, NP 203

- Constant Velocity Joint Ball & Spring, 1977 K/20 LWB, TH 350, NP 203

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