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  • Dad's 79 CJ-5 First 4X4 I ever rode in.
  • Frank's 86 K/10 As soon as the factory warranty ran out, he lifted it. Bought it new in 86.
  • Andy's Yamaha My Brother's Wave Raider
  • Greg's Cars
    79 Camaro Z/28
    79 Corvette with TPI motor
  • Dad's 79 Honda 6 cylinder, 6 carb street bike.
  • Frank's 74 Blazer with 40" Gumbo Mudders Tallest 4X4 I ever rode in.
  • My first 4X4 OK, so it was a Chevy LUV. Great off road. On road, well, it sucked!
  • My 1984 Honda Odessy FL-250 This was fun to ride, but my back still hurts to this day!
  • Jeff's 85 FORD F-250 I welded in new floors for him.
  • Mario's 93 Silverado Extended cab shortbed What a parts eater, though he beat it to death.
  • MY 77 K/20Bought it after my LUV. Will never sell it. Bought it in 1989.

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