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27.  3/3/02

27] Some areas won't be accessible with the spray gun after assembly, so they get painted with a brush beforehand - like the back of the rotor and dust shield here. Bearings were good to go back in after a thorough cleaning/repacking, wheel seals were replaced with new.



28] An end view of the frame showing how the "double frame" extra layer of 3/16" plate fits inside the stock frame channel. It runs full length, pieced together as required at cross members and other components. While not a true double frame - those have a complete channel nested inside the frame rail - this extra plate provides more than enough strength for any pickup truck application.



29] Here's the ingredients for the body lift: 3" dia. pipe cut to the appropriate length (2" in my case, since I'm building a work truck as opposed to a tall truck) 1/4" plate end cap and the upper cab cushion. Cap fits inside the pipe, welded all around, I chose to weld the pipe to the cushion itself. No problem as long as you weld a bit, then cool it down to avoid burning the rubber. Last step is drilling the 9/16" hole in the end cap.



30] Much of this project involves little "detail" jobs like this one, I welded a 1/2" hardened washer to the front shock mounts to repair some gouges I made when cutting the old shocks off. An easy way to hold the washer for welding was to bolt it in place, this lined the holes up as well. After the welding was complete the bolt was removed.


That's all! Rob vanished, and stopped sending updates! Sorry! 

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