RPO CODES 1973 - 1987

(Regular Production Option)


AO1 - Softray Tinted Glass

AO1 - Tinted Glass All Windows

A28 - Sliding Rear Window

A31 - Power Windows

A80 - Pick Up Box Bed Rails

AN1 - Folding Seat Back

AU3 - Power Door Locks

B32 - Color Keyed Front Floor Mats

B3J -Diesel Equipment

B84 - Black Body Side Moldings (Fleetside Only)

B85 - Bright Body Side Moldings (Fleetside Only)

B93 - Door Edge Guards

B96 - Wheel Opening Moldings

C42 - Heavy Duty Front Heater (Not Available with RPO C60 A/C)

C60 - Air Conditioning

C91 - Dome Lamp

C1A -Blazer with white convertible soft top

C1B - Blazer with black convertible soft top

C1C - Blazer with blue convertible soft top

C1D - Blazer with buckskin convertible top

CD4 - Intermittent Windshield Wiper System

D44 - Painted Below Eyeline Mirrors

D45 - Stainless Steel Below Eyeline Mirrors

D73 - Pickup Box Side Rails

DF2 - Camper Style Stainless Steel Mirrors

DG4 - Extended Below Eyeline Mirrors

DG5 - Senior West Coast Style Painted Mirrors

E62 - Stepside Pick Up Box

E63 - Fleetside Pickup Box

E81 - Wood Floor Fleetside Pickup Box

F44 - Big 10 Model

F51 - Heavy Duty Shock Absorbers

F60 - Heavy Duty Front Springs (Came With HD Front & Rear Shocks Recommended For Snow Plow Use On 1/2 Ton Trucks)

G50 - Rear Heavy Duty Springs

G51 - Rear Extra Capacity Springs

G60 - Rear Main And Auxiliary Springs (30 model series only)

G80 - Locking Rear Differential

GT4 - 3.73 Rear Axle Gear Ratio

GT5 - 4.10 Rear Axle Gear Ratio

HC2 - 2.76 Rear Axle Gear Ratio

HC4 - 4.56 Rear Axle Gear Ratio

HC8 - 3.21 Rear Axle Gear Ratio

HE3 - 3.07 Rear Axle Gear Ratio

HO4 - 4.11 Rear Axle Gear Ratio

J55 - Heavy Duty Power Brakes

K22 - 94 Amp Alternator

K30 - Speed & Cruise Control

K34 - Electronic Speed Control

K43 - Poly Wrap Air Cleaner

K81 - Cold Climate Package (Including Special Insulation, 66 Amp Alternator, Special Heater & Defroster, Engine Block Heater, HD Battery.)

KC4 - Engine Oil Cooler

KO5 - 600 Watt Engine Block Heater

LE8 - 7.4 Liter V 8

LE9 - 5.0 Liter V 8

LF3 - 5.0 Liter V 8

LF4 - 400 4bbl V 8 Engine

LG9 - 305 2bbl V 8 Engine

LO5 - 5.7 Liter V 8

LS9 - 350 4bbl V 8 Engine

M15 - 3 Speed Manual Transmission

M20 - 4 Speed Manual Transmission (Chevrolet CH465)

M40 - Turbo Hydra-matic Transmission

MX0 - TH 700 Transmission

MX1 - TH 350 Transmission

N31 - Custom 16" Steering Wheel

N33 - Comfortilt Steering Wheel

N41 - NP 203 Fulltime 4wd Transfer Case

N67 - Rally Wheels (1/2 Ton Trucks Only)

N90 - Aluminum Cast Wheels

NK7 - 31 gallon Fuel Tank

NL2 - Auxiliary Fuel Tank (pick ups)

NY1 - Fuel Tank Shield

NY7 - Transfer Case Shield (Skid Plate)

P11 - Glide Out Spare Tire Carrier

P13 - Side Mounted Spare Tire Carrier (Fleetside Only)

PO1 - Bright Wheel Covers (1/2 Ton Trucks)

PA1 - Bright Metal Wheel Covers (3/4 Ton Trucks)

RO5 - Dual Rear Wheels ( 1-Ton Trucks Only)

TP2 - 3500 Watt Aux. Delco

TT5 - Halogen High Beam Headlamps

U01 - Roof Marker Lamps

U16 - Tachometer

U35 - Quartz Electric Clock

U37 - Cigarette Lighter

U58 - AM/FM Stereo Radio

U63 - AM Radio

U69 - AM/FM Pushbutton Radio

U69 - AM/FM Radio

U76 - Windshield Antenna

UA1 - Heavy Duty Battery

UF2 - Cargo Lamp

UM6 - AM/FM Stereo Radio With Seek, Scan, Stereo Cassette Player & Clock

UN3 - AM/FM Stereo Radio With Stereo Cassette Player

UY7 - Trailer Light Wiring Harness

VO1 - Heavy Duty Radiator

VO2 - Transmission Oil Cooler

V22 - Chrome grille

V31 - Chrome Front Bumper Guards

V42 - Chromed Rear Step Bumper (Fleetside Only)

V43 - Painted Rear Step Bumper

V76 - 2 Front Tow Hooks

VF1 - Chromed Rear Bumper

VR2 - Dead Weight Trailer Hitch

VR4 - Weight Distributing Trailer Hitch

X6Z - Automatic Front Locking Hubs

YE9 - Silverado Trim Package

YG1 - Custom Package (Fleetside Only) Including Bright Wheel Opening Moldings, RPO #'s B84, B96, & Bright Trim For Side Marker Lamps & Tail Lights. 

YG3 - Deluxe Package Including Bright Trim For Side Marker Lamps & Tail Lights.

YG4 - Means rear seat not desired (Bonus Cab, Crew Cab, Blazer, Suburban).

YJ6 - Decor Value Package

YWF - 10 x 16.5/ Load Rating "D" Tubeless Tires

Z53 - Gauge Package (Including Voltmeter, Engine Coolant Temp, 66 Amp Alternator)

Z56 - Cold Climate Package

Z58 - Blazer white hard top

Z59 - Blazer black hard top

Z62 - Scottsdale Trim Package

Z84 - Cheyenne Trim Package

Z75 - Front Quad Shock Absorbers (Dual Shocks)

Z81 - Camper Special Chassis Equipment

Z82 - Trailering Special Package

Z84 - Cheyenne Trim Package

ZQ2 - Operating Convenience Package Including AU3 Power Door Locks & A31 Power Windows

ZY1 - Solid Paint

ZY4 - Deluxe 2-Tone Paint

ZY5 - Exterior Decor Package


This is by no means a complete list. It's a good start though! There were many options offered over the years. Some of these codes were different for various years, and changed over the years too. I will be adding to this list as I get more info.

I make no claims that they are 100% accurate in every way.

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