These are Easy Outs. We've all heard "You need an Easy Out to get out that busted stud". They work by biting into the sides of a hole you drill into the center of the broken bolt or stud. You can see a piece of a bolt stuck on one of the easy outs.



This is a tool used to loosen radiator hoses. It comes in handy for lots of other stuff too!


This is a needle grease gun tip. It's used to grease joints that don't have Zerk fittings, but rather what looks like a small roll pin, where the g
rease is injected. Like on the front driveshaft CV joints.


This is an outside Caliper, used to measure outside diameters
accurately. Better than a tape measure.


This is a tool used to set the gap of spark plugs.


ese are Snap ring pliers. This one, is meant for external snap rings.


This is a stubby drill. they are great, most body shops use them since they are 2 sided, and short, so they don't go far after breaking through while drilling a hole. They also can get into some tight spots, mounted in a right angle drill.

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