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OEM Factory Service Manuals!

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RPO Codes - A list of Regular Production Option codes,
found on the decal in your glove box.
Find out just what factory options you have!

RPO Codes


Buy your Chevy Truck Parts here!
Many hard to find parts!
Shop for Parts @ Chuck's Chevy Truck Pages


New 7/23/2000

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New 6/12/2000

Here's where other visitors like you are going!
My 10 Most Popular Pages
From 9/11 - 9/17/00
  • My Links Page
  • 73 - 87 Specs
  • Truck Pics
  • MY Chevy
  • Body & Chassis Info
  • Visitors Rides
  • Chevy Mods
  • For Sale
  • Simple Mods
  • Body Parts Sources
  • New 6/12/2000

    Chevy Truck Crossword Puzzle - I made a Crossword Puzzle specific to 73 - 87 C & K Models. Save it and print it out!

    New 6/5/2000
    Visitor's Rides - Page 2 - This page was updated with some really nice truck pics!

    Frame Specs
    I've added a page with the chassis dimensions for all 73 -77 C & K models. There is a slight difference in later years, due to chassis modifications to allow catalytic converters to fit. The measurements are still *most likely* the same from 73 - 87, and up to 91 for Blazer, Suburban, and 1 ton trucks. Find your truck's model # on the options decal, in the truck's glove box.

    2wd Conversion to 4wd
    I've added a page suggesting how to convert a 2wd to a 4wd.

    AOL Help & Tips
    I've added a section to help AOL Members. It's still under construction. Some of it has been uploaded, with much more to come. The reason I made this section, is because the majority of my visitors are AOL Members. Sorry, I don't mean to leave the rest of you out!

    Get Paid
    I have reviewed some of the different ways to earn money while surfing, or listening to music, etc. There's quite a few good programs. If you join several programs, you can earn more even faster. I joined a bunch of the programs myself. I'm tired of ignoring the ads all over the net about getting paid to surf. NOW I'm getting paid too! You can join right on this handy page. Descriptions of programs.

    For Sale
    I now have a page for my visitors to post ads to sell 73 - 87 C & K Chevy & GMC trucks, parts, accessories, and tools. Free to my visitors, but I reserve the right to deny any post, and screen all posts. As long as it's for a 73 - 87 Chevy or GMC C or K model, it's welcome on my For Sale page.

    I'm in the process of adding a new section to my pages, devoted to fresh water fishing. I know I'm not the only one that loves my Chevy, and fishing too.
    Fishing Section

    Chuck's Chevy Truck Pages on CD! - No need to access the web. No worrying about getting kicked offline by your ISP (AOLers know what I mean!), and losing your place. Read at your own pace. If you're interested in my CD, Click Here
    I'm looking into the cost of making such a CD right now, but hope to have one out in mid April 2000.
    Also, I have created a Visitors Rides page. Send in your 73 - 87 Chevy/GMC truck pics. Visitors can vote for their favorite each month. Hopefully, I can get some of my sponsors and manufacturers to donate parts and other goodies for prizes. If so, there will be one prize winner each month, and I'm sure the prizes will vary. Only the truck of the month will win a prize. Send in your pics. If you want to, include specifics.
    Please click here to send in your pics, don't just mail them to me. The more entries the better. Follow the link to see the rules.
    Vote for your favorite! Click Here!

    Custom Body Swaps - Some things to consider before diving in.
    Body Swaps

    New! 7/9/99
    Join my AOL Instant Messenger Chatroom!!
    If you don't have AOL Instant Messenger 2.0, follow the link and get it. It's free and easy!

    Download AIM 2.0AIM RemoteJoin my Chat RoomSend me an EmailAdd Remote to Your Page
    Download AOL Instant Messenger

    New! 7/9/99
    A list of GM Part Numbers. Hope this Page Grows!
    Send me your #'s!
    Part Numbers

    Here's a REALLY Great Automotive Links page.

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