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ICE WARNER INDOOR/OUTDOOR THERMOMETER WITH CLOCK AND FREEZE ALERT Compact unit has a built-in sensor to monitor inside temperature and a remote sensor to monitor temperature outside. Less than $20! Great if you plow snow, you need to know the temp at all times!

Folding Shovel
FOLDING SHOVEL AND FOLDING SHOVEL/PICK Perfect for camping, digging your car out of snow and mud or spreading salt, sand, etc. Keep one under the seat in all your trucks "just in case"!!

Install easily in stake hole pockets. No drilling required. Polished stainless steel.

Rain Poncho
RAIN PONCHO Keep your drivers dry and visible. Great for sidewalk crews. Cheap, and effective protection! Keep one under the seat in all your trucks "just in case"!

Die Cast Collectibles
ERTL® LIMITED EDITION DIE-CAST COLLECTIBLES Save at least 50% on JC Whitney top-quality die-cast models! MANY to choose from.

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Body Parts, Weatherstripping, Part Time 4wd Kits, Locking Hubs, Leaf Springs, Rear Disc Brake Kits, Wiring Harnesses, Air Horns, Gauges, Tow Straps...

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Trailer accessories & parts, Auxiliary Lights / Driving Lights, Safety Items, Tire Chains, Ramps, Marker Lights...

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Remote Starter Kits, Keyless Entry Kits,
Insulation, Bed Mount Tool Box, Hour Meter...



Need metals for your next project? You can get them right here! Steel, aluminum, brass, copper, stainless steel, titanium, also plastics! Great source, easy ordering, and UPS Delivered right to your door.




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