Rob's K/35 Project - 4wd Conversion

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9.  2/9/02

9] Helper spring pad in place. The two holes you can see at the top right will be drilled out to attach the rear shock mount. Still to be fabbed is support for the lower portion of the helper spring pad, this will be make from a piece of angle welded to the frame and bolted to the pad.



10] Up front, new sway bar bushings were required. Best way to get the old ones out is to burn 'em.............................



11] Inside portion of the sway-bar-to-frame brackets were primed before installation, as were any areas that won't be accessible after assembly. 



12] No, we don't use bungee cords and Vise-Grips to hold our Canadian trucks together - except during assembly! Useful "third hands" to help hold everything in place until the bolts are torqued - especially useful when you're working by yourself.



13] Throughout this project, the watchful eye of our shop cat "Jaws" kept things on schedule.



14] Engine/trans/transfer case bolted together for mockup purposes and being set in place. That's just a "dummy" 305 in there for now, the 350 that's in my '75 now will be the engine I use. 4-speed trans and 205 transfer case in the picture are the ones I will be using, once the crossmember/driveshafts/clutch hookup have been determined and measured up everything is coming back out and trans/transfer case are going to get a checkup and any necessary repairs before going back in "for good"


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