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21.  3/3/02

21] The rusty color of the U-joints is not due to the lighting, it is due to NO grease. Obviously the previous owner of these axles didn't give high priority to maintenance................ The broken cups were on the passenger side U-joint, other one wasn't quite as "gone" but both were replaced regardless.



22] Getting the axle apart to the stage where the shafts come out involves a fair amount of disassembly..................... (Chuck's Note - the steering knuckle has been removed in this photo, but it is not necessary to remove the knuckles to remove the axle shafts).



23] .......................which provides a good opportunity to clean things up. All the threads were cleaned up with a tap or die as required....................



24] ...........................degreased and given a coat of primer if needed. The entire frame will be painted black later but it's easier to prime things now piece by piece. Areas that should not have paint on them are either taped off or wire-wheeled clean afterwards.



25] Partially reassembled, still to go on is the hub/rotor assembly, caliper and locking hubs. The ever-present can of anti-seize is close by, using plenty of it where required and cleaning up and/or replacing the old rusty hardware goes a long way toward making the job easier next time.



26] Although there have been plenty of nice new (expensive) parts put into the project, a lot of the parts were fine to re-use after a good cleaning. Shown here are the locking hub "guts", as well the front brakes are back on.



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